"Scarecrow For Hire"

16" tall "Jimmy Crackercorn" is the man for the job! Have crows? He'll chase em away!

Jimmie wears a typical scarecrow outfit consisting of a nice brown/subdued orange plaid trousers with a orange/white plaid shirt that has been embroidered to read "Scarecrow for Hire" in black thread.

He has wild looking hands which have been attached to a stick so they hang from it so this design is made to hang with the loop on his back or he could sit and lean against a wall or shelf.

His facial features have been hand stitched and he has a button and snap for the eyes. Jimmie wears a black worn hat with a primitive flower in the center and was hand stitched to his head.

He wears brown painted on boots and has hay coming out from everywhere!

Jimmie comes heavily stained, signed/dated as an original, one of a kind, copyrighted collectible which is not a toy nor intended for children's use or play.

$69.99 + shipping



16" tall, Sonya, is an early work, hand drawn face doll who is reminiscent of dolls from centuries ago.

She is dressed in her autumn outfit that momma just made her.

She has a heavily worn, torn body which was firmly stuffed with rags and has some holes which add more character to her.

Sonya wears an adorable old fashioned, country style dress made with an auburn floral print fabric which is very simplistic and plain with three children's shoe buttons that match the flowers in her dress.

She also wears muslin bloomer pantaloons underneath which have orange/white plaid cuffs.

Her facial features have been hand drawn on her patched face and she wears a pumpkin colored, wide brimmed bonnet which was hand stitched to her head.

Lastly, she wears brown painted on shoes.

This design was heavily stained and comes signed/dated as an original, copyrighted, one of a kind design which is not a toy nor intended for children's use or play.

$65.99 + shipping

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